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How does the wear and tear of Motorycycle control cables cause?
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The wear of Motorycycle control cables is caused by many factors. As an important part of control cable assemblies, they play an important role in affecting our own safety. The long brake cable of the scooter is a major cause of wear, because it will cause excessive wear or poor quality of the brake pads, wear of the wheel brake disc, and poor quality of the brake cable. The outer skin will stretch or fail to install. Twisted into a spring shape, etc., the problematic parts should be replaced according to the situation to solve the problem,or purchase custom brake cables motorcycle.

If the quality of the brake pads is too bad, it is useless to replace them with new ones. If the brake pads are not replaced before they are worn out, the wheels will wear out and the braking performance of the new brake pads may be poor. The outer skin of the scooter brake cable is soft, so if the quality of the brake cable is not good and you brake hard, the outer skin will be stretched, motorycycle control cables will not work forcibly, and the brake will not work.

In addition, if you make a mistake when installing or twisting the inner core of the brake cable like a spring, the brake cable will usually tighten. When the brake is applied, the brake cable will be straightened, but when we brake, we will feel that we are not exerting force.

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The main reason for the brake failure is that the brake pads are too worn or of poor quality, the hub brake disc is worn, and the brake cable is too poor. The outer skin will be stretched or the installation will not twist into a spring, etc., and the defective parts should be replaced according to the situation. Can be solved.

Then there is one aspect to pay attention to. For drum brakes, in the control cable assemblies, there is an arrow-shaped iron plate on the brake rocker arm. When you apply the brake, it points to the end of the marking on the side and is displayed. This shows that the wear is serious and it has been deformed. Disc brakes also have signs of wear. If the grooves of the brake pads are worn and the wear is serious, the brake pads need to be replaced immediately.

Finally, we must pay attention to the brakes not to be too tight, otherwise it will cause friction, and the speed will not be increased when the power is wasted, and the fuel will be used, which will increase the cost of driving. If the brakes with too tight settings are used for a long time, even the brake shoes will fail prematurely due to wear, which will also reduce the life of the brake pads. ,

If we pay attention to the above points and correct them in time according to the situation, we can guarantee the service life of our brake cables and achieve safe driving.

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