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Automotive cable industry and development trend analysis
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Overview of the automotive cable industry:

Automobile cables are one of the important components of automobile electrical appliances, which are used for power transmission, signal transmission and control of automobiles. Since the interior of the car is a working environment with various complex conditions such as vibration, friction, ozone, oil pollution, high heat, cold and electromagnetic radiation, the car cable is required to have various functions such as heat resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance and anti-interference. , in order to ensure the safety of car driving. Unlike other types of cables, automotive cables are specially designed and produced according to the needs of the car. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of automobile performance and the arrival of the era of electric vehicles and smart cars, the performance requirements for automobile cables are also getting higher and higher.

After the automobile cable is crimped with the contact terminal (connector) punched from copper, the outside is then plastic-pressed with an insulator or a metal shell is added to bundle it into an automobile wiring harness, which is the basic carrier for electric energy transmission and communication inside the automobile. 75%-80% of the weight of the car wiring harness is the car cable.


Analysis of upstream and downstream industry chain of automotive cable industry:                                     

The main upstream of the automotive cable industry are copper and aluminum processing manufacturers and chemical raw material manufacturers, the downstream industry is mainly automotive wiring harness manufacturers, and the downstream terminal industry is automotive vehicle manufacturers. The automotive cable industry has a high degree of correlation with downstream industries, and automotive wiring harness manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers directly affect the development of the industry's technical level and market demand.

1. Upstream industries

The upstream raw materials of automotive cables are mainly conductors (copper, aluminum) and chemical raw materials, of which copper is the most common conductor material, which has a great impact on the development of the automotive cable industry. Since copper is a bulk commodity, its price is greatly affected by the macro economy and the international market. If the purchase price of copper cannot be well controlled, it will have a significant impact on the profit of the cable industry.

The insulating material of the automobile cable mainly plays the role of electrical insulation and protection when covering the outside of the conductor, and is the basic element of the automobile cable. In order to resist vibration, adapt to the working environment of various complex conditions such as friction, ozone, oil pollution, high heat, cold and electromagnetic radiation, the performance of insulating materials is particularly critical. Insulation materials mainly include PVC, XLPE, TPE, silicone rubber, etc.

2. Downstream industries

Since the automotive cable industry is an intermediate industry in the manufacturing process, the demand of downstream industries will directly affect the development of the cable industry. With the gradual penetration of automobile intelligent network connection and the advent of the era of new energy vehicles, the performance requirements for cable products are getting higher and higher, which promotes the growth of demand in the automotive cable industry. At the same time, with the improvement of the technical level of cable enterprises, it can also promote the improvement of automobile performance, thereby promoting the progress and development of the downstream automobile industry.


The main features of the automotive cable industry:

1. Periodic

The development of the automotive cable industry is closely related to the development of the automotive industry. It is greatly affected by macroeconomic conditions, national policies and residents' disposable income, and has a certain periodicity. With the improvement of national consumption levels and the advancement of urbanization, automotive The cable industry has entered an industrial cycle of steady growth.

2. Seasonal

There are seasonal fluctuations in the production and sales of the automotive cable industry, and the seasonality is mainly affected by the downstream automotive industry. The second half of the auto industry is the peak sales season, and downstream manufacturers will prepare enough raw materials for production before the peak season. Therefore, the sales revenue of manufacturers in this industry is usually higher in the second half of each year than in the first half of the year.

3. Regional

The automotive cable industry has obvious regional characteristics, and it is easy to form industrial clusters in the downstream customer gathering areas with active economy and developed supporting facilities. At present, my country's auto parts industry has formed six major auto parts industry clusters in the Yangtze River Delta region, the Pearl River Delta region, the Northeast region, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region around the Bohai Sea, the Central China region and the Southwest region, the largest of which is the Yangtze River Delta region.


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