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Basic knowledge of control cables
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The control cable is the power connection line that directly transmits electrical energy from the power distribution point in the power system to various electrical and electrical equipment. The anchor clamps control cables are mainly 450/750V. If power cables and control cables of the same specifications are produced, the thickness of the insulation and sheath of the power cables will be thicker than that of the control cables.

The controller is the brain of the electric car. The original car will be equipped with a controller of hundreds of watts. The maximum speed is only 30 or 40 yards. The new national standard limits the speed to 25 km/h.

Some people want to make the car run faster and choose to replace the motor controller. As the superior controller of anchor clamps control cables, the electric vehicle controller is divided into square wave and sine wave, and divided into intelligent control according to the communication method. This is called adjustable. The other is not intelligent control, also called non-adjustable.

When the square wave controller is activated, the resonance is louder and produces sound. When starting, part of the electric energy is converted into heat energy, but the square wave torque is large, the price is cheap, and it is simple and reliable. The sine wave controller has more linear acceleration, more accurate silent operation, and supports the field weakening control of the motor above the original speed, but the price is higher than that of the square wave and the efficiency is lower.

The Limbo controller is not violent, but the acceleration line is very good, and the violent characteristics are very powerful.

Lande is a more compact full-time closed-loop square wave driver on the market that combines square wave torque with sinusoidal silence. But the disadvantage is that the battery consumes too much power, and the heat is more serious when used in lobo 2000.

apt was the first controller on the market to manufacture an aluminum substrate, but it burned too many chips.

Speedometer Cable for SUZUKI GT100 A100

Fardrive is a relatively new brand, and the price is not expensive, but it is more annoying. The host computer of lobo 2000 also supports self-learning, and it is more convenient to debug.

Magicus is a Taiwanese brand with many different sensors and many customizable sensors. In addition, the continuous current and peak current are both high. The biggest disadvantage is that it is a fully glued controller. If it is broken, there is no way to repair it, you can only buy a new one.

Kelly and k9 are square wave smart controls. The biggest disadvantage of the square wave controller is that it cannot exceed the fixed speed of the aforementioned suzuki gt100 motor. Therefore, the best way to reproduce square waves is to overpressure. Overvoltage will increase the speed of the suzuki gt100 motor.

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