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Clutch weight adjustment
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Clutch height adjustment, the main adjustment is the clutch control unit. The height of the mechanical clutch is adjustable, which can be achieved by adjusting the tightness of the clutch cable. The height of the hydraulic clutch cannot be adjusted. But there are two ways to adjust the weight of the clutch.

Fine adjustments can be made by adjusting the clutch control unit. The hydraulic clutch control unit cannot be adjusted. The mechanical clutch can be adjusted by adjusting the tightness of the auto clutch cable, changing the length of the clutch cable, or changing the lever arm. Among them, the former allows fine adjustment, the latter has a large adjustment range, but the latter has room for correction. Improper adjustment affects driving safety, so this operation is not recommended.


It may also be a component failure, which requires replacement of related components and clutch cable replacement. It is mainly the failure of the clutch pressure plate, the clutch pressure plate and the release bearing, which is usually called a "three-plate clutch". All these parts are consumables. If there is a malfunction or severe wear, the clutch will be too heavy, so you need to find a clutch cable manufacturer to make a clutch cable replacement in time. And in many cases, the clutch is too heavy is a "three-plate clutch" problem. Generally, the service life of the "three-disc clutch" is similar, so it is recommended to replace all of them. Next, clutch cable manufacturers—Huafeng will introduce two methods:

Method 1. Adjust the push rod of the clutch auxiliary pump on the transmission side. The method is very simple, first loosen the fixing nut on the rod, and then turn the push rod to adjust the auto clutch cable. After the fixing nut is loosened, the push rod is movable and can rotate in time and counterclockwise. When shortening, push the rod toward the pressure plate and retract it. If there is a gap, it is okay. If there is no gap, shorten the push rod. (If method 2 cannot be adjusted, only the assistant can adjust it. Generally, the larger the gap, the lower the clutch, and the smaller the gap, the higher the clutch.)

Method two, adjust the clutch master cylinder under the clutch pedal. If method 1 can be adjusted well, and it feels too high or low during trial operation, you can first check whether the master cylinder is adjusted well. The same master cylinder is also the reason for the push rod. Even if the pedal is low, there are fixing nuts that can be loosened to shorten or shorten the rod. Generally, the clutch of the master cylinder will become higher if the clutch is loosened for too long. But if you loose it for too long, it will cause a sense of drop when you step on the pedal. You need to leave a gap in the master cylinder, otherwise it will damage the master cylinder.

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