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Connection method of electric vehicle brake circuit
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For electric vehicle brake cables, the connection method is very simple. There are two cables or one cable from the controller, directly unload the front left and right brake levers. There is a power-off system cable on the brake levers, and the lines have two wires respectively. For the connector, one is a negative wire, and the other is a high-brake or low-brake cable. This depends on whether your electric vehicle uses a high-brake or a low-brake, and must be matched with the controller to be connected correctly. How to connect the brake line of the electric vehicle? Which two lines of the controller are the brake lines?

Huafeng—professional parking brake cable providers will introduce to you. In fact, there are two wires for the power-off switch on the brake lever of electric vehicles. Connect the green wire of the disconnect switch on the brake lever to the positive pole of the battery indicator on the instrument panel. Find a set of plug-ins with black wires (please pay attention, you are not allowed to choose red and black wires in one plug-in), don't get confused with motorized bicycle throttle cable.

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This is because the two wires of the brake lever are distinguished. Nowadays, most of the Motorycycle control cables used in electric vehicles, including the universal brake cable system, have two broken wires, one is the negative electrode, and the other is the brake power supply signal line. Only a few cars are braked with three broken wires, which is a special brake lever. Just like a motorized bicycle throttle cable, these two cables are easy to find, and there is an outlet end in the middle of the brake lever that can be found along this line.

Brake power failure is an important function of the controller. Many electric vehicles do not run when they are powered, which is very likely to be related to it. So when repairing, we are the first to eliminate it. The switch of Motorycycle control cables is hidden on the handle.

Supplementary explanation: Brake power failure means that the controller brake signal line receives the corresponding signal, and the controller connected to the universal brake cable stops output.

At this time, there is no response to the twisting handle, instead of turning off the power. There are two types of brake power failure: high brake and low brake. The so-called high brake means that it receives a voltage signal greater than 12v, and the output of the electric vehicle converter is 12v. Generally, it is not safe to connect the battery voltage. The so-called low brake is the grounding negative pole of the low brake line, the original 5v low brake line voltage is pulled down to 0v

They are essentially the same, but the connection method is different, because the taillights are lit when braking.

So in Motorycycle control cables, how to distinguish universal brake cable, high brake cable, and low brake cable? First, look at the controller label, but not every controller has it. Secondly, the high brake is a wire, and the controller generally only has a single wire for the instrument, and the color of the high brake is mostly yellow and yellow-green; the low brake has two, and the controller generally only has two reversing cables, and they are both 5v. The cable is connected to the negative pole to realize the function, so you will know it after a try. Note: There are also two power sources for the alarm, but the red and black wires are fixed. Finally, pinch the brake and use a multimeter to measure it. The 12V is the high brake line.

The wiring of disconnected wires and brake lights is even simpler, just change it in the previous figure. The taillights are twin-filament bulbs, one for the brakes and one for the night market lights.

Although the method introduced by Huafeng above is simple, it must be carefully searched to make no mistakes. If the high brake is connected to the low brake, the vehicle will not start normally, or if the low brake is connected to the high brake, the same car will not start. Correct connection can operate normally.

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