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Development Trend of Automotive Cable Industry
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1. Under the trend of automobile electrification and intelligence, automobile cables welcome new growth points

With the conversion of traditional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles, different from the low-voltage cables required by traditional car engines, the working voltage of high-voltage cables required by the power battery of new energy vehicles is 600V or even 1,000V, and it is necessary to consider resistance Factors such as high temperature, shielding performance, corrosion resistance, thin wall, softness, and electromagnetic compatibility with the electrical system of the vehicle, so the high-voltage cable for new energy vehicles is more valuable than traditional vehicle cables. High-voltage cables are high value-added and a pure incremental market, and will grow rapidly with the development of new energy vehicles. Compared with traditional cars, intelligent networked vehicles have more electronic and electrical functions in the car, which increases the amount of cables in the car.


2. Attempts to reduce the weight of automobile cables

With the rapid development of automobile electronics and informatization, there are more and more functions of automobile electronic appliances. The extensive use of automotive electronic equipment has made the electrical wiring in the car longer and more complex, and the increase in the weight of the automotive wiring harness has also led to an increase in vehicle cost and energy consumption. In order to comply with the trend of energy saving and environmental protection, as well as to meet the spatial layout requirements of the vehicle design, the lightweight of automobile cables is the direction that major manufacturers are trying hard at present. The main weight of the wire harness lies in the copper material of the cable. With the aluminum conductor In order to overcome the difficulties of welding, crimping and other processes, some automotive cables will replace copper conductors with aluminum conductors with smaller mass, which will become the development trend of the automotive cable industry in the future.

3. High-voltage cables will gradually realize import substitution

The high-voltage cables used in new energy vehicles mainly use XLPE cables or silicone rubber cables. XLPE cables have low high temperature resistance grades but good wear resistance, and most American auto manufacturers choose XLPE. Silicone rubber cables have high high temperature resistance but poor wear resistance. German car manufacturers mainly use silicone rubber cables. Domestic car manufacturers use both XLPE cables and silicone rubber cables. High-voltage cables have high technical quality requirements and are difficult to produce. At present, most of them are imported. With the improvement of the technical capabilities of domestic cable manufacturers, XLPE cables and silicone rubber cables used in new energy vehicles will be transferred to domestic cable manufacturers for production, and import substitution will be gradually realized.


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