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Do you know the type of brakes?
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I believe that many people have such questions. How to choose the brakes suitable for your car is a matter of knowledge. You might as well follow the editor to explore.

1. Drum brakes can be regarded as the earliest brake systems applied to vehicles. The so-called "drum" is the brake drum, which is installed on the wheel and rotates with the wheel. Brake pads are installed in the brake drum. When braking, the brake piston will push the brake pads outward to produce friction with the brake drum to achieve the braking effect.

2. Disc brakes are the most widely used brake systems on vehicles today. The brake disc rotates with the wheel. When braking, the brake caliper piston will push the brake pad to clamp the brake disc to generate friction to achieve the braking effect. Compared with drum brakes, the biggest advantages of disc brakes are good heat dissipation, rapid response, average braking force, and good drainage. Since the entire braking mechanism is exposed, it is more conducive to heat dissipation.

3. Ventilated disc brakes have many holes in the brake disc, and the airflow will shuttle in these holes during driving, and the cooling and drainage effects are good. At the same time, compared with the solid disc, the ventilated disc is lighter in weight because part of the disc body is removed, and the inertia during rotation is reduced, which is beneficial to improve the acceleration and braking performance of the vehicle.


Later maintenance and maintenance are the top priority. Next, Xiaobian will take you to understand the phenomenon of the brakes often breaking and how to deal with them:

lBlue and dark spots appear in some areas of the brake disc

Analysis: This is a manifestation of local overheating of the brake disc, and the hub jumps too much. Uneven contact between the disc and pads creates excessive wobble, resulting in localized heating and bluing

What to do: Protect the hub with a high temperature protection spray and correct the hub runout and make sure the runout is within the correct tolerance

Prevent the brake sound between the brake disc and the brake pad, and prevent the tire from being seized due to high temperature and cannot be released

Using high temperature resistant ceramic materials, it can withstand up to 1400 ℃! Does not affect the work of electronic sensors; acid and alkali corrosion resistance; strong adhesion, not easy to run off

Recommendation: Maintenance once every 20,000 kilometers

The leather cup is broken or deformed, and the sub-pump cannot work normally

Analysis: The leather bowl is aging and not replaced, and the sub-pump is rusted

Response: Thoroughly inspect related parts, replace all faulty parts, lubricate with brake cylinder grease

l Lubricate the movable shaft and sub-pump cup

Prevent aging and brittleness of the leather bowl, and rust on the piston of the sub-pump to ensure the normal operation of the sub-pump

High-quality synthetic lubricating grease, resistant to high temperature up to 450°C, not easy to volatilize

Suggestion: 1 maintenance every 10,000 or 20,000 kilometers

l The brake pads on the unevenly worn side of the brake pads are heavily worn and the other side is less worn

Analysis: The brake calipers are stuck. The brake pads on one side rubbed against the brake disc one after another, causing the brake pads to wear down to the metal back plate. The side of the metal back plate that rubs against the disc will be heavily scratched, while the other side of the disc and pads are in almost new condition

Action: Check, replace or repair brake calipers. If necessary, also replace brake pads and discs and apply brake protection grease

Facilitate the installation and removal of tire screws, brake discs and wheel hub contact surfaces to prevent rust from being bitten

High temperature resistance 1100 ℃, acid and alkali corrosion resistance

Prevents rusting of brake components and improves safety

Recommendation: Maintenance every time a tire is removed

lThe surface of the hub is very dirty/or rusted

Analysis: When installing the brake disc, the dirt on the surface of the wheel hub will cause the installation position of the brake disc to deviate, resulting in irregular contact between the brake pad and the surface of the brake disc, and uneven wear of the brake disc.

Solution: Remove the brake disc and carefully clean the dirt or rust on the surface of the wheel hub and brake disc with Super Brake Disc Cleaner. Check the hub surface for deformation or other damage

Clean brake pads and discs from dust, metal particles, oil and gum

The product has no corrosion to metal and rubber and plastic parts, avoiding corrosion of electronic sensors and affecting their normal work

Without any oily residue, it will not affect the braking effect

Recommendation: Cleaning and maintenance every time the brake pads are removed


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