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Effectively maintain and debug the brake line to prevent the occurrence of danger
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We all know that the brake control line is indispensable for every car. It is used to control the speed of the car. If there is no brake line, the car cannot be stopped. So what is the goal of the car brake control line?

1. Function: The car brake control wire uses the same round wire and linear casing. The casing has strong compression resistance and can ensure that the brake control wire will not be deformed for a long time, plus the car brake control The line uses capacitor technology, which plays a very good role in preventing rust and loosening.

2. Materials: In terms of materials, the brake control wire for vehicles is fully made of PVC. Huafeng-brake cable manufacturer. The brake wire produced uses PVC+coiled flat steel wire+PE as the inner tube, and stainless steel wire as the inner wire.

3. Application scale: The application scale of the vehicle brake control line is used in our daily transportation tools, such as electric bicycles, etc. Cantilever brakes, linear brakes and expansion brakes are commonly used brake systems.

The quality of the brake cable determines our safety. If the brake cable is not well maintained and debugged, you may not know when the brake cable is broken, but you don't know, then safety is in danger.

brake control line

Therefore, the maintenance and debugging of the brake cable should be carried out.

First of all, we must make preparations. The commonly used tools are No. 5 six squares, bicycle protection oil, wd40 cleaning agent, and cross hair. After preparing the tools, the protection work can be carried out. The specific steps are as follows:

1. First, dry the cleaned vehicle;

2. Open the brake cable;

3. Take out the brake cable end from the brake lever and loosen the fixing screw of the brake cable. Remember, don't pull the cable end. If the brake cable is cracked in the tension part, it is recommended to replace the brake cable.

4. Pull out the inner cable and wipe it with a dry cloth. If there is rust, then you can use wd40 to remove the rust.

5. Spray wd40 into the outer tube, let it stand for a while, and then blow it out with an inflator.

6. Then insert the inner tube into the outer wire tube, put the thread end into the brake lever, and drop bicycle protection oil into the inner wire, or use grease to pull the outer wire back and forth to ensure sufficient lubrication in the wire tube.

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7. Put the outer wire into the elbow and the equipment is in place.

8. Check the distance between the brake block and the rim at both ends. First of all, make sure that the rim is not scooped. If the distance between the two ends is different, you can use a screwdriver to adjust the tension screw of the tension spring at both ends to make the interval between the brake blocks the same. Tighten the screws on the side that is too close, and loosen the screws on the side that is too far apart.


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