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How much do you know about throttle lines?
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The two lines of the motorcycle lead to the throttle handle on the right side of the handlebar, so the top line is the throttle line, which is responsible for controlling the throttle valve and the oil needle, that is, controlling the throttle.

throttlw line

Throttle line overview:

The one next to it is the acceleration pump line. When the accelerator is twisted sharply, the carburetor can spray a jet of oil to the throat to improve the acceleration during rapid acceleration. This acceleration pump only works when the accelerator is twisted sharply. Normal driving is to twist the throttle or a slower normal throttle it does not work. Cars equipped with this kind of carburetor should be careful not to turn on the accelerator when parking, otherwise gasoline will be injected into the cylinder, causing flooding and waste of gasoline.

The principle of the throttle line:

The traditional cable-pull throttle is connected to the accelerator pedal at one end of the wire and the throttle valve at the other end. Its transmission ratio is 1:1, that is to say, the opening angle of the throttle valve is how much we step on it with our feet, but in many cases , the throttle valve should not be opened at such a large angle, so the opening angle of the throttle valve at this time is not necessarily the most scientific. Although this method is very direct, its control accuracy is very poor. The electronic throttle controls the opening of the throttle valve through a cable or wiring harness. On the surface, it replaces the traditional throttle cable with a cable, but in essence it is not just a simple change of the connection method, but it can be used for the power output of the entire vehicle. Realize automatic control function.

throttle line

When the driver needs to accelerate when he steps on the accelerator, the pedal position sensor will transmit the sensed signal to the ECU through the cable, and the ECU will analyze and judge, and issue a command to the drive motor, and the drive motor will control the opening of the throttle to adjust the The flow rate of the combustible gas mixture, when the load is heavy, the throttle valve opening is large, and the combustible gas mixture entering the cylinder is large. If you use the cable accelerator, you can only control the throttle valve opening by the depth of the accelerator pedal, and it is difficult to adjust the throttle valve. The opening angle of the valve can be adjusted to achieve the theoretical air-fuel ratio, and the electronic throttle can analyze and compare various data collected by the sensor through the ECU, and issue commands to make the throttle actuator act to adjust the throttle to the best position. , in order to achieve a theoretical air-fuel ratio state close to 14.7:1 under different loads and working conditions, so that the fuel can be fully burned.

The electronic accelerator control system is mainly composed of accelerator pedal, pedal displacement sensor, ECU (electronic control unit), data bus, servo motor and throttle actuator. The displacement sensor is installed inside the accelerator pedal and monitors the position of the accelerator pedal at any time. When a change in the height position of the accelerator pedal is detected, the information will be instantly sent to the ECU, and the ECU will perform arithmetic processing on the information and the data information from other systems, calculate a control signal, and send it to the servo motor relay through the line. The electric motor drives the throttle actuator, and the data bus is responsible for the communication between the system ECU and other ECUs. Since the electronic throttle system adjusts the throttle through the ECU, the electronic throttle system can set various functions to improve driving safety and comfort, the most common of which are ASR (traction control system) and speed control system (cruise control system) ).


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