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How to adjust the clutch cable
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After the Auto clutch cable is in place, there are two bolts on the line, a fixing screw and an adjusting screw. Loosen the fixing bolt first, and then adjust the adjusting screw to a proper position. After adjustment, tighten the fixing screws. Tighten the pull-type clutch and clutch line screws to adjust the height. Loosening is to lower the hydraulic pressure (note here: the adjustment screws are on the gearbox and the clutch line fork). At the internal clutch pedal of the cab, we can find the master cylinder strut, and there is an adjusting screw on the door. Loosen the screw to adjust the rod. Similar to before, clockwise adjustment is to increase, and vice versa is to decrease.

When using the clutch, wear will cause the driven disc to become thinner, the "pull wire" structure of the auto clutch cable becomes longer, the clutch becomes lower, and the free clearance decreases. It will affect the normal connection of the clutch, so you need to adjust the clutch according to the situation after use. The purpose of clutch adjustment is to ensure proper idling or free play. The adjustment position and adjustment method will vary depending on the specific model, and clutch cable replacement is also different. Manual vehicle clutch system: The manual clutch system usually consists of a clutch cable, a clutch cover (pressure plate), a clutch disc, a clutch master cylinder or sub-cylinder (depending on the model design), a release bearing, etc.

Clutch Cable for CITROEN

Its main working parts are introduced: The clutch pressure plate, which will rotate with the flywheel, is the active part of the clutch. It can usually be driven by a boss, a key or a pin. At the same time, the pressure plate can be linked with it in the movable type of the flywheel of the separation clutch. Clutch disc: It is composed of body, friction disc and driven disc hub. In the process of clutch disengagement to engagement, friction is generated between the friction plate, the flywheel and the pressure plate, and a large amount of heat is generated at the same time. Usually, if some beginners do not master it, it will accelerate the wear and burn of the friction plate (clutch plate).

Car clutch cable adjustment is mainly composed of clutch cable or clutch cable. In principle, the force exerted on the clutch pedal is directly transmitted to the clutch release fork through the car clutch cable, which pushes the clutch disc forward and connects. You can get the best condition by adjusting the telescopic length of the "cable". The adjustment is usually done by turning the knob at the end of the clutch cable to tighten or loosen the clutch state (that is, the high or low state of the clutch pedal). Make appropriate adjustments according to various design features, paying attention to the free idle stroke of the pedal. In the actual adjustment, you can master the best position through adjustment and testing until you think it is appropriate. After that, just tighten the wire drawing gong. If the car clutch cable is seriously aging, remember to make a clutch cable replacement in time.

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