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How to adjust the motorcycle throttle cable gap?
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The motorbike throttle cable is an external type. It may be influenced by the outside world. For example, if the motorbike throttle cable is attached to the right grip. Throttle cable to raise the throttle when the front of the motorcycle rotates to a certain angle to the left when starting the car on the spot. If you want to deal with that, you need a reasonable line. The principle is to rotate the front of the motorcycle from side to side so that the sound of the oil does not change. Throttle reversion may be due to aging of the throttle return spring or burrs inside the throttle cable wire.

The throttle cable gap on the scooter is typically around 0.5-1.0 mm, which is basically the same as any other type of motorcycle.

motorcycle throttle cable adjustment

However, when we adjust the motorbike throttle cable, it is invisible to the naked eye. Just feel it and start the engine and turn the throttle knob lightly. If there is a gap of 0.5 to 1 cm, it is normal without refueling. If that is not the case, you can adjust the throttle cable gong next to the handle until it fits snugly.

The optimum free movement of the refueling machine is 2-3 cm. This can be achieved by adjusting the gongs. One is in oiler and the other is near the carburetor.

The motorbike throttle cable has an adjustable nut for mounting the throttle handle and carburetor. Adjusting the relative position of the nuts can reduce the clearance of the throttle cable.

It is recommended to adjust the motorcycle throttle cable adjustment gap of the motorcycle to 3-6mm and the handlebar thread should not exceed 8mm.

You can see the throttle cable under the refueling handle. Loosen the locknut on the throttle cable and turn the long nut adjacent to the locknut outward, opposite the refueling handle. This is to tighten. Reduce the free gap of the throttle cable. Be careful not to overtighten. Overtightening can cause the car to idle faster, causing a serious shortage of cars without refueling. After adjustment, check that the refueling handle is free. Please raise it on the contrary. Finally, tighten the locknut.

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