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How to judge whether the throttle cable needs to be adjusted when adjusting the throttle cable of a
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Although the new car model is an electronic accelerator control system, there are still many cars using throttle cable . Basically, the accelerator cable is braided from metal and serves as the mechanical connection between the accelerator plate and the accelerator pedal of the car engine.

How to judge whether the throttle cable needs adjustment

Before you mess up the throttle cable, figure out if it needs any adjustments. The following are some phenomena you should pay attention to:

Look for damage to the outer covering. If the accelerator cable touches any sharp edges or components, remove it and you will notice a frayed and damaged housing. The metal cable in the rubber sheath may also be damaged because it may become loose and may break at any time.

When the accelerator pedal is depressed, the car's engine should respond immediately. But if the accelerator pedal shows a delayed response, then it may be a signal that the accelerator is loose. Over time, the cable may be stretched, causing a delay in the response time of the throttle, which can cause the car to shake.

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If you notice changes in the tension of the pedal, such as binding or jitter, then you may need to adjust the throttle cable.

Step-by-step instructions

Now that you know that the throttle cable needs to be adjusted, here are the steps you should follow:

1. Open the hood of your car and find the throttle cable. You will find it next to the engine compartment on the right. The braided cable you see is the accelerator cable you need.

It can be seen that two nuts clamp the accelerator cable to the aluminum body bracket. The front nut is a lock nut, and the rear nut is a deflection adjusting nut.

1.1 First, you must loosen the locked front nut.

1.2 Now, turn the rear nut clockwise or counterclockwise until the middle cable deflection reaches 1 to 3 mm. When adjusting the deflection, only the front nut needs to be tightened. This is a troublesome step because the correct adjustment of the deflection nut must be given. If you tighten it too tightly, the throttle will be pulled up and your car will spin.

1.3 Close the hood, turn on the car ignition and drive the car. You will notice that the way cars are driven is very different now.

Important skills for adjusting the throttle cable of a car

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2. Another important check is that the accelerator cable is insufficient or too tight. When you get under the hood, let someone gently press the throttle and check the cable to make sure that the pulley no longer rotates and the cable is slightly bent with a little finger pressure. Now ask someone to step on the pedal hard. Now the pulley should no longer rotate, and the same amount of deflection should remain in the cable. After adjusting the throttle line, the acceleration performance of the car should be better, and any past problems must be resolved. If not, it should be checked by a professional, who can decide to adjust or replace the accelerator cable as needed.

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