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How to realize the load bearing of the car cable
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Automobile cable is widely used in parking brake cable, throttle, gear shifting, etc. of automobiles. Automobile cables mainly include gear-shift cables, clutch cables, and brake cables, which are used to pull the wire ropes for changing transmission gears, clutches, and brakes, and act as agents to manipulate the levers to change the running speed or traction of the car.

Car cable

The wire rope joint of the automobile cable is generally made of die-casting. Automobile cable is composed of outer tube, steel wire rope, soft joint, fixed ring and other parts. Its function is to connect the whole automobile or two adjacent assembly parts to realize corresponding functions.

How can the cable be able to bear the weight? In fact, the cable is also widely used in auto parts, such as car seats and other parts.

In fact, there is a very important part in the cable. With it, it is very easy to realize the load-bearing of the cable-the zinc head. The zinc head is a metal casting made of an alloy material. It has a lower density and a harder hardness. Various shapes can be realized according to the shape of the mold.

parking brake cable

The inside of the zinc head is generally connected to this steel wire, and the steel wire is die-cast inside the zinc head. When the zinc head receives the traction of external force, it can drive the steel wire to move, such as the rear part of our commonly used clutch pedal and brake pedal. They are all connected with a cable, and its function is to drive the clutch to realize the clutch function. The function of the brake pedal is to connect the brake to realize the braking function.

The importance of brake lines in motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles

Regarding the brake cable, it should be no stranger to anyone who has ridden a bicycle. For the friends who often ride bicycles, they have had the experience of replacing the brake cable when the brake cable is broken. For simple electric bicycles with pedals, it is easy to replace, but for friends who ride electric motorcycles, replacement can be done. It's troublesome.

parking brake cable

For ordinary electric motorcycle models, to replace the electric motorcycle brake cable, first remove the plastic shells on both sides of the dashboard of the driving head, then remove the front headlight cover below, cut off the original brake cable binding tie, and then pull out the damaged one. The brake cable can be replaced with a new one.

The car brake cable installed in the car’s brake system is one of the important accessories to ensure the safety of the car. It consists of a wire core and a sleeve sleeved outside the wire core. Generally, the wire core is made of single-strand steel wire, and the sleeve is made of Made of rubber or plastic.

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