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How to replace the parking brake cable for Toyota?
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The parking brake or emergency brake is driven by a cable that spans the parking brake handle or pedal and the rear brake drum. Over time, the parking brake cable may be out of the adjustment range, and the cable may get stuck under severe stress. Replacing the parking brake cable can be done with simple hand tools, and is easily done within the scope of an ordinary home mechanic.

Steps to replace parking brake cable:

Step 1: Lift the vehicle and support it with a jack stand under the frame.
Step 2: Remove the rear wheel and tires.
Step 3: Pull out the brake drum from the wheel bolts and remove it.
Step 4: Locate the parking brake adjuster under the vehicle. Remove the nut from the actuator rod, and then pull the brake cable out of the adjuster.
Step 6: Remove the retainer that secures the parking brake cable to the brake drum lining.
Loosen the brake cable from the holder on the frame, then unplug the cable from the vehicle, and replace the parking brake cable with a new one.

Toyota parking brake cable

The Toyota parking brake cable produced by Huafeng——parking brake cable supplier can replace the original parking brake cable, and has been tested to match  the original parts. This makes the time to replace the parking brake cable longer. The parking brake cable has better performance.