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Introduction to the service life of auto parts
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In fact, there is no time limit for the car clutch cable、throttle cable or car brake cable, but these steel cables have a certain degree of flexibility. After a long time, the pulling force will drop, which needs to be replaced. The clutch cable, throttle cable and brake cable return incorrectly and need to be replaced if they do not return quickly. The reason for the insensitivity of the return is generally the water in the component causing rust between the steel wire and the protective sleeve, which causes the pull wire to return poorly.

It’s worth mentioning that, unlike cars, the two wires of motorcycles lead to the throttle handle on the right side of the handlebar, and the one on the top is the throttle cable, which controls the throttle valve and the fuel needle, that is, the throttle. . The one next to it is the motorbike clutch cable. When you twist the throttle abruptly, the carburetor can spray a puff of oil to the throat to improve the acceleration during rapid acceleration. This acceleration pump only works when you twist the throttle abruptly. Normal driving is turning the throttle or slower normal turning of the throttle, it does not work. Cars equipped with this kind of carburetor should be careful not to squeeze the accelerator when parking, otherwise the motorbike clutch cable will inject gasoline into the cylinder and cause cylinder flooding and waste gasoline.

Next, we introduce the service life of auto parts. Among them, the parts that need to be replaced within 3 years are four filters, the most common periodic maintenance. According to the time period, it is best to replace it once every six months, or once every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers. Brake pads are more important. It is recommended to check each time for maintenance. Generally, it is free to check from a brake cable dealer. In addition, for car clutch cables, etc., we can change them according to their wear.

Introduction to the service life of auto parts

The wiper blades are replaced according to the usage environment, for example, it is rainy in Guangzhou, and the wiper blades are used frequently. It can be replaced if it is used for 1 year or 20,000 kilometers in form, but if it does not affect the line of sight, it is not necessary to replace it.

In fact, within three years of buying a new car, it belongs to the new car period. The spare parts are relatively new and the car is in good condition. Within three years of purchasing a new car, the manufacturer will also provide quality assurance for the entire vehicle, and the performance of the vehicle is still at its peak at this moment. The maintenance within three years is mainly to replace the four filters, check the brake pads, replace the engine oil, check the steering gear and other routine maintenance. At most, replace the wiper blades, and you don't need to worry about the rest. Next Huafeng lists the table for you to understand it more clearly.

Engine oil7500km or 6 monthsCoolantWhen necessary
Machine filter7500km or 6 monthsSpark plug60000km
Steam filte30000-60000kmTiming belt60000-90000km
Air filter10000-20000kmWater pump60000-90000km
Air conditioning filter10000-20000km, or when there is obvious peculiar smellGenerator belt60000-90000km
Automatic transmission oil60000kmBattery24-36 months
Brake fluid24-36 months or 30000kmBrake padscheck the thickness

Tire: 50000km or 48-60 months, or check the pattern depth according to the tire condition

If we go to the 4S shop to do maintenance of our vehicles, the 4S shop recommends additional replacement items, except for the items listed above, we can refuse. But within three years, if there is a place that needs extensive repairs, it is not because the conditions of use are too bad, or the vehicle itself has serious hidden dangers.

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