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Little knowledge of shift line
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Symptoms of a broken shift cable:

A broken shift cable will interfere with normal shifting. Before the shift cable is disconnected, the clutch will feel very laborious when the clutch is pressed, the gear position is not easy to be engaged or the gear is not in place at one time. If the shift cable head is separated from the gear head, the clutch cable will be broken, which will cause the inability to shift gears. Phenomenon. Always pay attention to or check the condition of the car. When the clutch wire is broken, it means the clutch is out of order. Without the clutch, it becomes difficult to start and shift gears. The structure and principle of the transmission: the function of the transmission, changing the transmission ratio, meeting the needs of traction force under different driving conditions, and making the engine work under favorable conditions as much as possible to meet the possible driving speed requirements. Realize reverse driving, which is used to meet the needs of car reverse driving. The shift cable is the cable that connects the lower part of the gear lever with the copy gearbox when the gear lever is in front and rear gears. The shift cable is the cable that connects the lower part of the gear lever to the gearbox when the gear lever moves left and right. When the clutch cable is broken and the car is in the state of flameout, you can shift the gear of the car to first gear first, and then start it again. It should be noted that when starting the vehicle, control the accelerator and observe the road conditions ahead in advance to avoid emergencies. When parking, you need to be in neutral gear in advance to avoid stalling with gear, so as to avoid damage to the gearbox.


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The method of car throttle cable:

1. First of all, adjusting the virtual position of the throttle valve is actually adjusting the tension of the throttle valve cable. The throttle valve cable is tied to the throttle valve, and the distance from the throttle valve to the throttle cable fixing frame is found. The cable is not fully tensioned. The steel wire has a certain deflection, and the deflection of ordinary cars is about 5--8mm;

2. If you want to make the throttle virtual position smaller, that is to say, reduce the deflection, the adjustment mechanism is on the throttle cable fixing frame, but it is not recommended to adjust this way, unless your driving style is very aggressive, otherwise do not turn the deflection angle to 3mm or less, which inadvertently consumes more fuel;

3. You can try not to adjust the amplitude too much each time. After adjustment, check the deflection of the wire cable and control it within an appropriate range. Too tightness may increase the idling speed. Fix it with a nut. When adjusting, use a small wrench to loosen the fixing nut, turn the position of the adjusting nut again, and adjust the throttle valve line to loosen it.

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The solution to the frozen shift cable:

1. After finding that the shift cable is frozen, you can start the car first, and then use the heat generated when the engine is idling to thaw the shift cable. This method is also a simple thawing method.

2. It can be disassembled, and then use hot water to melt the ice on the shift cable. After that, you can spray an appropriate amount of WD-40 as a lubricant, or you can take a small amount of oil, soak all the shift cables for a while, and then reinstall the shift cables.

3. If the shift cable is frozen so badly that it cannot be solved personally, then it is recommended to go to a professional maintenance unit to have the shift cable thawed by professionals. When the shift cable is frozen, it is not recommended to break it hard. As one of the important components of the car, the gearbox needs to ensure its normal operation. If there is a problem with the shift cable due to hard breaking, and it is not checked in time, it may cause unnecessary safety problems. It is recommended to park the car in a relatively warm underground parking lot, which can reduce unnecessary damage to the car in winter and prevent the shift cable from being frozen.

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