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Main application of brake cable
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The use of brake cable for electric vehicles is also due to the habit of charging in time. It should be charged immediately after use to keep the battery in a good condition. Because the lead-acid battery is in a state of power shortage, it will cause the chemical substance inside the battery to crystallize, which will vulcanize the battery plate and shorten the life.

Brake cable

When not charging, do not connect the charger to the AC power supply without load for a long time. If the voltage fluctuation of the power grid in the user area exceeds 5% of the normal value, it is advisable to install a voltage regulator for household appliances. The battery has a certain service life. Assuming that a fully charged journey is less than 50% of the additional continuation journey, it is stated that the battery has reached the service life and the battery needs to be replaced. The replacement battery must be replaced at an authorized repair center, and the old battery needs to be replaced Submit to the maintenance center for unified processing.

brake cable

Brake cable is a kind of large-span bridge structure that is widely used, mainly composed of bridge towers (including foundation), cable stays, bridge deck stiffening beams and other structural components. Stay cables are important stress-bearing components of cable-stayed bridges. Steel wires and steel strands that bear higher-strength loads are used to carry the force. The bridge deck load is mainly transmitted to the tower column through the stay cables. The assumptions in the operation of cable-stayed bridges such as failure, damage or failure of cable-stayed cables will directly affect the safe service life of cable-stayed cables and bridges.

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