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Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Automobile Brake System
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The braking system is critical to the life safety of the driver. Failure of the braking system during driving often leads to serious traffic accidents. Therefore, car owners should pay attention to learning how to perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting of the braking system and automobile control cables. Next, Huafeng will introduce you to some practical car brake system maintenance and Troubleshooting knowledge.

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Regular inspection and replacement of brake fluid Clean, high-quality brake fluid is the basic condition for keeping the brake system in good operating condition. The brake fluid level should be checked regularly every month. If the brake fluid level continues to drop significantly, you should go to the 4S shop to check.

In addition, the purity of brake fluid is relatively high, if it is mixed with impurities or air, it will seriously affect the braking effect. If the brake fluid is contaminated, drain the remaining brake fluid and drain the brake fluid. The entire system should be flushed before filling the master tank with fresh fluid. Also, check the color of the brake fluid in the car you are driving from time to time. If the brake fluid is too dark in color, it may cause a malfunction.

Brake judder on brake pads and discs should be checked. When the brakes are applied, the vehicle, especially the body of a new car, will sway. This is usually caused by deformation of the brake pads or discs. If the fault is temporarily resolved after replacing the brake pads and discs, or if the fault occurs again after a month or two, the side hubs should be checked. Deformation of the hub can also cause vibrations when braking.

The principle of carefully pulling the handbrake after washing the car in winter is to use the force of pulling the handbrake lever to transmit its force to the rear wheel braking system through the universal brake cable. After washing the car in winter, water may enter the brake cable, pull the handbrake in the state of water, and the water will freeze after long-term parking. At this time, even if the brake lever is pulled back, the parking brake cable will not move . Therefore, after washing the car in winter, the car should be driven for a certain distance, and then stop and apply the handbrake, so as not to damage the automobile control cables.

The reasons for the failure of the car brakes are: 1. There are impurities in the brake master cylinder and the seal is not strict; 2. The vacuum booster pump fails; 3. The brake oil is too dirty; 4. The brake master cylinder or sub-pump leaks oil; 5. Air storage Air leakage from the tank or pipeline interface; 6. Serious overload; 7. The brake hub is carbonized, the universal brake cable is worn, and there is a problem with the tightness; 8. The brake master cylinder lacks brake fluid; 9. The brake master cylinder piston is worn. Braking refers to the action of stopping or reducing the speed of running locomotives, vehicles and other means of transport or machinery. The methods of brake failure are: 1. Turn on the warning light to remind other vehicles; 2. Change the gear to a lower gear; 3. Pull over and slowly pull up the handbrake.

Car brake maintenance requires regular replacement of brake fluid, usually 40,000 kilometers or every 2 years. Due to the water absorption of brake fluid, if you drive in wet areas for a long time, the oil change interval should be shortened appropriately. Replace the brake pads according to the mileage. The brake pads are about 30,000 kilometers and need to be checked every 10,000 kilometers. When braking, if the car deviates, it must be adjusted immediately. Brake pads and discs have a service life and must be replaced when worn to a certain extent. Car owners should regularly check the thickness of the brake pads or brake shoes, and once the thickness of the brake pads is found to be close to or less than the minimum thickness specified by the manufacturer, they should be replaced in time.

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