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Maintenance of motorcycle electronic equipment
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We usually exercise, maintain and take care of our bodies. In fact, the car is the same. Of course, if you want your car to run healthily for several years, the maintenance of oil, water and electrical circuits is essential. Today, I will show you how to extend the service life of automotive electronic equipment, which is not feasible.

Avoid using high-power electrical appliances when parking and waiting. High-power electrical appliances include headlights, fog lights, warning lights, and so on. Check whether the headlights and the roof lights in the car have been turned off before parking and leaving. Generally speaking, a normal fully charged battery can keep the headlights working for two hours. As the rated capacity of the battery decreases, the time for the headlights to work normally becomes shorter. The negative pole of the battery should be unplugged if the vehicle is not used for a long time. Especially in winter, due to the weak current consumption in the vehicle circuit system when parking, leaving the vehicle for a long time will cause the battery to deplete. Therefore, for vehicles that are not used for a long time, we should unplug the negative electrode of the battery to avoid excessive battery power consumption.

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Most people don't understand electronic devices. Imagine a cable with a plastic hose, like water flowing through a pipe. This is an electronic device. Corrosion, damage, and poor craftsmanship can affect circulation, just as water flows when you step on a water pipe, and old ones will bloom and burn. Car wires or useless voltage stabilizer rectifiers need to be removed and replaced. If you cannot find a suitable one, you need to contact the manufacturer or motorycycle control cables dealer to obtain custom brake cables.

Rectify the electric energy produced by the stabilized rectifier and the automobile generator. Especially on older motorcycles, they are generally directly connected to the battery. If the rectifier is not good, some bulbs will often burn out, so make sure that the rectifier connection point is correct. First, use the needle to push out the socket pins and pull out the positive and negative connectors. Otherwise, the situation will be very bad.

Using the correct "W" tool and 33 amp wire, connect the new positive and negative terminals directly to the battery. Wrap the old connector and wires in a heat shrinkable tube, taking care not to fray or pull it, and straighten the cable manager. The new positive wire requires a 30-amp built-in fuse.

The above are the maintenance issues that we need to pay attention to when we drive motorcycles. If you have other information about the maintenance of motorcycle electronic equipment, we will introduce and supplement it for you in the next article. Huafeng is a well-known motorycycle control cables dealer in the industry. We are engaged in motorycycle control cables wholesale and also provide custom brake cables service. Welcome to contact us.

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