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Reasonable use and maintenance of electric bicycles
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With the acceleration of urbanization, environmentally friendly, lightweight, and comfortable electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular. So how can we better use our electric bicycles? How to maintain our electric bicycles? Professional Motorycycle control cables exporter—Huafeng will introduce you:

Motorycycle control cables

The first is that we need to be good at maintenance. Keep the body clean, so that the body and transmission parts are not corroded by the sun and rain. Not afraid of rain, but no water. Please wipe or pay attention to the principle in time when the water is over. Also note that the water level should not be higher than the center line of the hub axle to prevent water from damaging the motor. Keep Motorycycle control cables dry, do not rust and wear. It is best to use waterproof rubber protective sleeves for Motorycycle control cables. Secondly, the tires should be fully inflated and the braking performance should be adjusted appropriately.

The second is the frequent use of auxiliary. The most ideal use is to assist the driving of electric vehicles, assist pedestrians in using electricity, connect to people's electricity, and save labor and electricity. When activated by the motorbike throttle cable, the pedal is used for constant-speed driving and electric acceleration, and the motorbike throttle cable is better controlled. When driving uphill under heavy load or driving in the opposite direction, manual driving can avoid the ultra-high current discharge of the battery. Protect battery life and motor.

There is also a good habit of maintaining frequent charging. Only to develop correct charging habits, charge after use, and keep the battery fully charged. Motorbike throttle cable can exert its effect better. Due to the characteristics of lead-acid batteries, the batteries cannot be charged particularly frequently. Long storage time after power failure will affect battery life. If you do not ride for a long time, please charge it once a month.

Finally, don't forget the regular maintenance. The entire vehicle needs to be maintained every 6 months. Check the brake and transmission system, reinforce the fasteners and adjust the tightness of the Motorycycle control cables to keep the vehicle in good condition, drive safely, and avoid fatigue driving. Avoid driving problems and cause serious consequences. As a new type of transportation, electric bicycles have the advantages of convenient operation, comfort, lightness, and economic benefits. They are more and more popular with consumers and have a broad mass market. In recent years, the number of electric bicycle manufacturers across the country has doubled. It is inevitable that the electric bicycle market has uneven quality and it is difficult to distinguish reliable manufacturers. In order to maximize profits, some manufacturers neglect the profits of consumers. They purchase low-quality and low-cost bulk parts, hire a few people to assemble them, and are branded, beautiful and generous, and attract consumers at low prices. Manufacturers cut costs by half, but cars sold to consumers have serious hidden dangers, such as high power consumption, low efficiency, battery leakage, short life, and unsafe use.

Therefore, when buying an electric car, we must pay attention to these.

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