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Replacing the throttle wire of the broken motorcycle in time
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The throttle cable of the motorcycle is the connection between the throttle handle and the carburetor throttle. Through the movement of the throttle cable core in the outer casing, the throttle handle can control the throttle opening and complete the change of the engine speed. . Therefore, the core wire of the accelerator cable with good performance should not be stuck when moving in the jacket. Otherwise, the throttle handle will turn heavily, the throttle valve cannot be easily opened and closed with the rotation of the throttle handle, the engine speed cannot be adjusted in time, and even the throttle handle will lose control of the engine speed.

throttle cable of motorcycle

The most common phenomenon of broken strands in steel cables is:

When changing gears and closing the throttle, the throttle valve cannot be returned to the idle position in time. When the throttle is closed and the clutch is disengaged, the engine speed is suddenly too high. In this case, it is necessary to turn the accelerator handle back and forth quickly and continuously to make the engine work at idling speed, but the number of times of the accelerator is often irregular. When the gear is changed when the engine speed is too high, the gears will produce a crash sound, making it difficult to change the gear; even if the gear change is realized, it will cause the vehicle to run unstable and the parts of the transmission part to collide.

The reason for the above phenomenon is the "stubble" of the broken strand wire rope and the stagnation of the wire rope jacket. In this regard, a good throttle cable should be replaced in time. When installing a new wire rope, oil must be injected between the wire rope jacket and the core wire until oil flows out from the other end of the wire rope, so as to reduce the resistance of the core wire moving in the casing. Otherwise, it will lead to increased fuel consumption and wear of parts. This will cause even greater losses.

throttle cable of the motorcycle

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