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Routine care and maintenance of mountain bikes
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As a mechanical equipment, mountain bikes are always in good condition, timely replacement and regular maintenance of shifter cable for mountain bike and mountain bike brake cable are necessary. The use environment of mountain bikes is relatively harsh, and this aspect of work is even more important, especially in rainy and muddy environments, maintenance work must be carried out as soon as possible after riding.

The relevant manufacturers of each component will provide detailed maintenance instructions. If you want to know the specific situation, you can read the factory manual when you buy the mountain bike. This article Huafeng tells you about the daily general cleaning and maintenance of mountain bikes.

When the bicycle is covered with mud and the pipes are polluted and unusable, the bicycle needs to be cleaned as a whole. It should be noted that there are many bearing parts and mtb brake cable set in the bicycle. These parts must ensure that moisture does not penetrate in, so when cleaning, do not use high-pressure water, and be careful where there are bearings and mtb brake cable set. .

mountain bike brake cable

step 1

First clean the chain, please refer to the cleaning section of cleaning and oiling the chain. The difference is that since the whole vehicle will be cleaned immediately, there is no need to wipe the chain very dry, just wipe off the cleaning fluid.

Step 2

Prepare cleaning liquid in the container, kitchen detergent will do. Be careful not to use more corrosive varieties such as washing powder on the shifter cable for mountain bike. Although it is washed clean, it will easily cause the screws to rust, which will affect the braking and acceleration effect.

Step 3

Wet the whole car with a water pipe, so that the dirt will soften and fall off by itself. If it does not contain bearing dirt and is stubborn, you can use a larger water pressure to flush it.

Step 4

If your mountain bike does not use disc brakes, you can skip this step, use a clean disc brake special sponge, paste the cleaning fluid prepared in step 2 but not used yet, clear the part of the disc and caliper, and the sponge It still needs to be kept and will be used later. By the way, if you have an outdated mountain bike brake cable, you still need to do a bike brake line replacement.

Step 5

Dip another sponge with the cleaning solution and carefully clean the surface of the mountain bike, including the front, fork, frame, brakes, seat cushion, derailleur, rims, spokes, cranks, pedals, cables, etc., Wash off with water afterwards.

Step 6

Use a long-handled hard brush to deal with the chainrings and flywheels. First stick the cleaning solution on the brushes, put the brushes on the chainrings and flywheels, then turn the crank, and after a few turns, change the speed back and forth to make the chain leave the original position. The position of the chainring and flywheel, and then touch the brush to clean the parts that were originally under the chain. Finally rinse with water.

Be careful not to let water soak into the hub and bottom bracket, especially with products that are not well sealed. A poorly sealed hub cannot be cleaned this way.

Step 7

Use a wide and hard brush to treat the surface of the tire, stick the brush with cleaning fluid, and scrub the surface of the tire in turn to remove the mud, stones and other things in the teeth. Rinse well at the end.

Step 8

Water the entire car with water to remove any residual cleaning fluid from the car.

Step 9

If you are not using disc brakes, this step can be skipped. Use the special sponge for disc brakes just set aside to clean the discs and calipers again. Do not stick the contaminated cleaning solution. The cleaning solution contained in the sponge is enough. The purpose of this is to prevent recontamination of the discs and calipers during the front cleaning process. If it is impossible to clean the mtb brake cable set, bike brake line replacement is necessary.

Step 10

Now, water the car thoroughly with water. The cleaning process is over.

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