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The brakes of the car make an abnormal noise
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Many car owners, in the process of normal use of the car, will find that when they step on the brakes, they will make various abnormal noises, which makes everyone feel very uncertain. So how to solve this problem, and how should we deal with this situation? Today, brake cable wholesaler Huafeng will give you a brief analysis. Why does the car make a squeaking sound when braking?

There are several possibilities for the abnormal sound when the car brakes. First, the brake pad matches the brake disc. For example, when we just replaced the brake pad or brake disc, it will rub against the brake pad. car brake cable The tightness has not been adjusted yet, and the new parts system will definitely have some unevenness. When driving, there will be various noises when the initial wear and tear of the brakes are applied. This kind of noise is normal. Emergency brake cable replacement is not required. As long as the braking of the car does not deviate, we can continue to drive normally without any accident.

emergency brake cable replacement

There is also a possibility that when we are driving on a road with mud, sand is caught between the brake disc and the brake pad, resulting in a squeaking sound when the brake disc and the brake pad are stepped on. affect safety. In fact, as long as we hit the brakes hard a few times, the sound will disappear and it will not have a big impact. Another possibility is that there is water in the friction pair between the brake pad and the brake disc after the water is mentioned, and it will make a sound. The car brake cable is wet. In this case, we step on the brakes a few times, dry the parts, and the sound will be heard. will also disappear.

But there is one situation we need to pay attention to, because the brake pad is a consumable and it has thickness. When the friction is fast changing, the manufacturer will deliberately add some metal particles when it is closest to the wear limit. When you step on the brakes, it will produce abnormal noises that are not the same as usual. This is to remind you that you The brake pads need to be replaced. If you encounter such a situation, then if you have the conditions, it is best to replace it as soon as possible. By the way, check whether the replacing parking brake cable needs to be replaced and whether the wear is serious. Because the braking system is related to driving safety, this can not be ignored.

In addition, there are some other reasons that can cause abnormal brake noise: uneven wear during normal use, or there are foreign objects between the brake disc and the brake pads, etc. At this time, the vehicle needs to be checked in time to ensure driving safety.

The material of the brake pads is:

1. Asbestos, cellulose, sintered glass;

2. Carbon fiber friction material;

3. Powder metallurgy friction materials;

4. Semi-metal friction material.

The function of the brake is to reduce the speed or stop the vehicle. Its working principle is: using the friction between the brake pad and the brake drum and the tire and the ground, the kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted into the heat energy after friction, so as to slow down or stop the vehicle. The brake pads are polished, leaving only the iron pads rubbing against the brake disc. When the brake pads are about to be polished, it warns the small iron pads to rub against the brake disc, and prompts the driver to change the brake pads. Newly replaced brake pads are too hard, causing abnormal noise when rubbing. It may be that a small stone fell into the friction disc, which caused abnormal noise in the brake of the car, and you need to replace the parking brake cable.

Finally, we will introduce to you the main methods to solve the abnormal brake noise:

1. Check whether the brake pads are running out. If the brake pads are used up, you need to replace a new pair of brake pads. Usually, there will be an alarm pin on the brake pads. The brake discs rub, so there will be a squeal of metal friction.

2. If it is a new piece, check whether there is any foreign matter caught between the brake disc and the piece.

3. If the newly replaced brake pads have no foreign objects between the discs, in this case, it should be because a running-in period is required between the new brake pads and the old brake disc.

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