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The color of the motorcycle control cable
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How should we distinguish the color of motorcycle control cables? In fact, motorcycles of different brands and models have different functions represented by the color of the line. Therefore, it is not easy to directly determine which one is the wiring of the brake light among the common blue, green, and gray wires. However, among the three lines, the green line is more likely to be the grounding line. To determine which one is the brake line, look at the wiring of the front brake switch or the rear brake switch. If there is a blue line, then the blue line is the brake. Light wire, if there is a gray wire, then the gray wire is the brake light wire. Or, by looking at the wiring of the front position light, you can determine which one is the driving light wire, and the remaining one is the brake light wire.

Motorcycles on the market generally have three wires, and the black wire is generally a common wire, that is, the negative pole of the power supply. There are also two wires, one is the driving wire and the other is the brake wire, which is the positive stage of the power supply. We can try to connect the battery first, determine the definition of the line and then connect it to the car, but note that the insulation of the end of the line must be handled in this process.

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Since there are so many lines on the motorcycle? In fact, it's not just that. It's complicated to separate the control cables on motorcycles. Take Honda motorcycles as an example. The red and black wires belong to the positive pole of the whole car. The green line belongs to the negative pole of the whole car. The blue and white line is the hair booster line. The black and white line is the flameout line. The yellow wire is the rectifier wire, and the red and black wires are the magneto high voltage wires. The orange wire is the magneto or low voltage wire. The light green line is the speaker line, and the color of the Honda dio acceleration line is also different.

Are the positive and negative poles of motorcycle control cables also related to color? That’s right, because generally speaking, the red positive pole and the black negative pole (that is, the wire we usually say), the red and black wires are the low-voltage coil to the igniter or charge the battery (there is also the yellow or white wire from the low-voltage coil is To charge the battery, there is also a battery or signal lamp that directly enters the rectifier. The line to the high-voltage package is generally black and white, light blue and yellow are generally turn signal wires, and the headlights are red wires. White), gray is a small light. Note that all the above electrical appliances omit the negative electrode (black wire) or directly connect to the conductive iron of the whole vehicle.

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