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Unexpected situations prone to mountain bikes
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For bikers who often ride, it is inevitable that they will often encounter some mountain bike brake cable glitches during riding or in normal times. Small glitches will not affect much, but they will often encounter them. It will be a bit annoying.

Next, Huafeng introduces some of the problems we tend to encounter when riding, analyzes the causes and countermeasures, I believe it will be helpful to you!

First of all, it is a relatively common situation. After we ride on the road, the thorns, sharp rocks and other debris on the road will scratch and cause the tire to leak.

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Therefore, to prevent it, it should be used within the specified tire pressure range. Check the tread and pay attention to whether there are objects on the road that may puncture the tire. Change tires regularly. If possible, you can bring additional inner tube and tire repair tools. If you don't have anything on hand, please tie two knots tightly on both sides of the hole in the inner tube to help you get home.

What should I do if the tire is flat? Hitting rocks or cracks or rubbing the tires while braking may cause the tires to explode. Therefore, please remember to check the tire wear before riding and change the tires and shifter cable for mountain bike regularly. The tire is used within the specified tire pressure range. If your tire is flat, you can use the inner lining to repair the inside of the tire. Large tires can also be used to repair rubber and cardboard.

The cause of the chain break is the torsion at the chain connection. It is usually an old chain or a chain that is improperly installed.

To prevent this from happening, use a high-quality chain, check the wear and tear and replace it regularly. Do not use extremely intersecting teeth (such as a large sprocket with a large sprocket). Or replace the shifter cable for mountain bike. However, release the pressure on the chain when shifting gears.

The reason for the broken spokes is due to uneven tension on the spokes when the wheel is about to be scrapped. You can ask an experienced service technician to check the wheels regularly before riding. Replace good quality wheels at the beginning of the ride. Check the spokes by stretching them regularly. Or, installing foldable "cable spokes" in your car repair kit is also a viable option.

Reasons for rim/wheel failure: impact, manufacturing quality problems, loose spokes, worn rims.

You should look for wear and dents on the rim and check the spoke tension. The spoke wrench can adjust the deflection of the wheel. For larger deformations, you need to push hard. When no longer in use, the spoke wrench can do this.

Transmission line failure is due to forced gear shifting or simple wear. Therefore, please feel free to put the lubricated pipeline aside. It is a good method to replace the internal and external shift cables regularly. Then don't forget to fix it to your home equipment, fix the cable under the kettle bolt, or bring a set of spare shift cables.

What should I do if the brake cable or hose fails? We recommend using high-quality wires and replacing them regularly. The brake cable will be worn or damaged due to impact, so remove the rubber hose.

In the future, you can bring spare cables, mountain bike brake cables and gear shift cables. If the rubber hose breaks, the situation will get worse. There is no effective way. You can only use the remaining brakes to go home carefully.

The cause of the flywheel failure is the damage of the hub claw. We usually carry out maintenance and replacement on a regular basis. In an emergency, you need to fix the flywheel to the spokes with a cable tie, and then take the available equipment home.

The cause of the rear derailleur failure is that the rear derailleur is stuck on the spokes or damaged after being hit. Therefore, it is necessary to check the connection of the rear derailleur and mountain bike rear brake cable and make appropriate adjustments. The solution is to remove the rear derailleur for "single speed" driving.

The chain is blocked due to the wear of the sprocket and the chain. The chain disc is ejected from the teeth of the sprocket and caught between the frame and the sprocket. An effective preventive measure is to replace old sprockets and chains regularly. Or try a larger sprocket.

In addition, since the rear wheel of the car was washed, the rear wheel controlled by the mountain bike rear brake cable always has a continuous metal crash when riding, and the sound is in a certain fast zone of the hub gear transmission. Why? In fact, since the sound appears at the gears of the rear derailleur paddles. The problem is basically certain, because the chain oil was washed away during cleaning. Replace the mountain bike rear brake cable, or we can go to the repair shop to buy a chain oil for the roof stone. It's very simple. But don't add too much, it's not necessary. Adding too much oil can easily stain your clothes when riding.

The above is what brake cable exporter:huafeng introduces to you about the accidents that are prone to mountain bikes and how to deal with them. If you are interested, you can visit our official website to learn more!

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