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What is a half-wave stabilized rectifier for motorcycles?
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What is a half-wave stabilized rectifier for motorcycles? How to connect the motorcycle full-wave regulator rectifier? We recommend that you take the following approach, first, we suggest you to check the gear shift cable, motorycycle control cables and Throttle cable through the following methods.

A: Mainly because the line connection is more convenient, so the full-wave voltage stabilization can be the 4-wire system first.

B: Connect the red, white, yellow, and green wire ends of the half-wave stabilized rectifier and the red, white, yellow, and green wire ends of the full-wave stabilized rectifier to the wiring harness connector. Once the connection at both ends is complete, you should check all changes and make sure they are correct before use. If you choose a 5-wire full-wave regulated rectifier, you only need to connect an additional voltage sampling line to the DC power lock outlet terminal of the ignition switch. Alternatively, it can be connected to a flash relay or brake live wire. light switch. It is connected.

Start the engine, test the charging system with a multimeter, turn on the headlights to the working position of the high beam, use the DC voltage of the multimeter, connect the red test lead of the multimeter to the positive electrode of the battery, and connect the black meter to the negative electrode of the battery to accelerate the engine. If the charging voltage of the battery is in the range of 13.5~15.5V, which is about 5000r/min, it means that the modified charging system is working normally and can be used.

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From the perspective of usage, most professionals prefer to use 5-wire full-wave rectifiers and 6-wire three-phase full-wave rectifiers. First, the full-wave rectifier usually works internally. Part of the damage is even more, the DC output voltage of the full-wave regulated rectifier is abnormal, and the full-wave regulated rectifier with too high DC voltage or too low DC output voltage can no longer be used. However, the internal rectifier (bridge rectifier actuator) of the full-wave rectifier can still be used and can be used as a bridge rectifier for the charger. The effect is good, and the full-wave utilization rate is improved. Wave adjustment rectifier. Secondly, the method of increasing the resistance of the voltage sampling line is adopted to facilitate the increase of the DC output working voltage of the charging system. When the motorcycle is used for a long time, the performance of the charging system deteriorates due to various factors, the brightness of the headlights is reduced, and the power is easily cut off.

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