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What is the oil spill pipe of a motorcycle?
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The oil spill pipe belongs to the motorcycle throttle cable kit. It is also a part of the throttle cable, which is located under the carburetor. It is very common in the throttle cable kit of scooters and gearshift vehicles, that is, electric vehicles or motorcycles. The fuel drain pipe is a line pipe that is higher than the gasoline level, and the nozzle is also higher than the gasoline level.

It has many uses. The first is to prevent the carburetor's oil valve from being completely closed when it is closed, causing gasoline to flow into the carburetor one after another, and fuel whose oil level is too high flows out through this thin tube. So there will be hidden dangers. If the fuel valve of the carburetor is not closed tightly while the motorcycle is driving, the fuel will leak out and drip intermittently along the road. On the road, there will be a risk of flammability and even cause a fire. In addition, as an important member of throttle cable parts, it also has a function that cannot be ignored. With our daily driving, the carburetor will inevitably be mixed with impurities, waste oil, or rain. At this time, we open the screw button under the carburetor, all kinds of impurities and moisture are easily removed and discharged from the fuel tank.

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Since the general oil spill pipe is inside the carburetor, its height is only a little higher than the gasoline level, but it is lower than the carburetor vent pipe pores mentioned before. Therefore, it is inevitable that we are driving on the way. In the carburetor, when the road is uneven and bumpy, fuel often sloshes into the spill pipe, causing fuel leakage.

In order to avoid such problems, some motorcycle throttle cable suppliers will adjust and modify themselves. Use a transparent plastic tube to connect the spill tube of the carburetor, or use a modified extension tube, which is twisted and bent like a spring and then straightened. Although these two methods are easy to use, they have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the effect is not obvious. Some riders even blocked the spill pipe directly with an object such as a stick.

This method requires attention. Before doing this, we need to carefully check whether the float needle valve and the needle valve base are worn and old, and also pay attention to whether the float can float normally, and it is not acceptable to sink. Also try to plug a riser inside the float chamber to see if there is any flooding. If there is no tank flooding and the spill pipe does not leak oil, you can continue to use this method of plugging with sticks. If tank flooding occurs, we can't plug the spill pipe and need to pull it out immediately. Consider other methods. If repeated cleaning and multiple adjustments still do not solve the problem, then we can only replace the throttle cable parts, but it is best to replace the original matching parts, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the carburetor, but this kind of original factory The price of oiler is relatively high.

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