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What is the reason for the abnormal brake noise
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Cars have now become a necessity in life. I believe that every old driver or novice has encountered the abnormal brake noise. Huafeng-brake cable oem will briefly introduce several common brake abnormal noises.

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1. During the "run-in" period of the brake disc

Like many parts on cars, brake discs also have a "break-in period." Regardless of whether it is a new car brake or a newly installed brake disc, because the brake disc has not reached a more consistent condition with the brake shoe at the initial stage of use, the brake disc will have sharp "abnormal noise" when braking suddenly or heavy. In fact, this is an occasional situation. We don't need to worry too much. This will not affect the braking performance. It will improve after a period of patience.

2. There is a foreign body between the brake pad and the pad

When we usually drive, the road conditions and weather are different. Small particles of sand and dust may be blown in between the brake pads and the brake discs. When braking, the small particles of conflict will also make this kind of abnormal noise. At this time, we can try to run-in or disassemble, inspect and clean up the foreign body before using it, and replace the conflict film if necessary.

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3. The surface of the brake disc is rusty

When the car has not been driven for a long time, or after a few days of rain and stopped for a few days, when driving again, the moment the car is started, a "crack" "rubbing rust" sound will be heard. This situation is caused by rain or moisture entering between the brake pads and the brake discs, rusting, causing the brake pads and brake discs to stick together. There is no need to worry about this situation. Step on the brakes a few more times and rub off a layer of rust on the surface and it will be fine. It will not affect the brake pads and our safe driving.

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4. Excessive wear of brake pads/brake discs

When the brake pad is worn to the "critical point", the thickness of the brake pad warns that the iron sheet will directly conflict with the brake disc, and then there will be an abnormal harsh sound. Note that this kind of sound can be compared with the so-called "abnormal noises" above. They are much larger, and most people can feel it. When this happens, it proves that your brake pads have been worn too much and must be replaced. If you do not replace it, not only will the loud noise be unbearable for you, but also the problem of a significant drop in braking force, which will only increase safety hazards.Generally,the brake pads can be replaced for 50,000-60,000 kilometers, but it will be different according to different driving habits.

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