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What should I do if the manual clutch line is broken?
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There are more and more cars on the road, but most people choose automatic models for convenience, but many people like manual transmission. Because the manual transmission can improve the technology faster for novices, and it is more fun to drive for old drivers. If you are driving a manual transmission vehicle and suddenly make a bang, and then there is no response when you step on the clutch, then there is no doubt that 99% of the gear shift cable is broken.

Don't worry too much in this situation. We park the car on the side of the road where it will not affect the passage of other vehicles and pedestrians, turn on the double flash, put the warning sign, and call for rescue. But there is still a way for us to drive to the repair shop without having to call the trailer. Some people will ask how to drive if the clutch line is broken. Don't worry about looking down, learn these two methods, and you won't have to pay expensive towing fees.

The first method is to start in gear. 

gear shift cable

As the name implies, it is to put on gear and start the fire again. Since the gear shift cable is broken, the clutch cannot be in a separated state, so when starting, the starter will run with the engine and gearbox directly, so that the vehicle can be started directly. When the engine is started, it happens to be driving in first gear. It is enough to control the vehicle speed by operating the accelerator. I don't know how many people have tried this startup method.

When starting in this way, we must pay attention to the following points: 1. Before starting, pay attention to the road conditions ahead to ensure that there is enough safe distance to "run up"; 2. Try to maintain a stable speed during driving to prevent the vehicle from stalling, unless you wait In special situations such as traffic lights, if the flame is turned off, just restart it according to the starting method just now; 3. Nowadays, there are many models that need to step on the clutch to start. At this time, you only need to step on the clutch and let the sensor receive the signal. Started normally.

gear shift cable

The second method is to start in neutral. This method is suitable for use with a helper. First start the vehicle, ask a friend to help you push the vehicle up, and then the driver puts on the gear and drives normally. In the process of driving, we can also change gears according to the speed of the vehicle, but this is still a test of the driver's driving skills. Because the clutch cannot be separated, we need to find the right time for gear synchronization to shift gears.

I wonder if you have learned these two methods? No matter which of the above methods is used to start, we must pay attention to ensuring driving safety. If you are not sure of your driving skills, then don't be aggressive, or call a tow truck. You have to spend some money to save yourself and safe. Or you can call a friend and drive a car to tow you. It saves worry and money. Please remember to bring the tow rope.

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