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What should I do if the motorcycle throttle cable is broken?
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Motorcycle is a two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicle that is driven by a gasoline engine(motorcycle clutch cable)and has front wheels steered by the handlebars, and is light, supple, and fast. It is also widely used for patrol, passenger and freight transportation. As sports equipment. So what if your motorcycle throttle cable breaks?

First, if your motorcycle's throttle cable breaks, the most common solution is to replace it with a new throttle cable. Both motorcycle cables connect to the throttle handle on the right side of the handlebar, with the top one being the throttle cable. Responsible for controlling the throttle. The valve and oil needle that control the throttle are next to the accelerator pump line. If you turn the throttle abruptly, the carburetor can spray the throat with a stream of oil to improve the accelerator. Sudden acceleration. This acceleration pump only works when the throttle is suddenly twisted.

In another situation, if the throttle cable on your motorcycle breaks and then we replace it by ourselves, the problem is not resolved after the replacement, no matter how much the throttle is turned on, there will be no response, even if you press the engine throttle transmission directly, there will still be no response, then what is the problem?

What should I do if the motorcycle throttle cable is broken?

If the throttle cable is broken and there is no response after replacing the cable, the throttle cable may not be installed correctly or it may not be installed correctly. This is unlikely if the throttle cable is attached directly to the carburetor and is unresponsive. You need to check the carburetor again. If the throttle cable breaks and fails after replacement, it is mainly related to improper installation of the throttle cable or new parts that are not compatible with the car.

Another possibility is a purely manual plunger carburetor. If the plunger is not installed in place, you can turn and pull the throttle cable, but you will not be able to start it. Even if I start the idle speed, it is very abnormal. It's too fast or it stalls. In this case, you will need to reattach the throttle cable and plunger and place it in place, being careful not to allow foreign matter to enter the package plunger.

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