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Why does the car fail to stop?
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What is the most worrying situation when we usually drive? That must be the brake problem of the car. Braking problems will not only cause damage to our car, but also threaten our lives! So we need to master this knowledge, parking brake cable dealer—Huafeng will take you to learn more about why the car cannot be braked.

In fact, there are many reasons why a car does not brake. For example, brake pad wear, brake fluid air, brake fluid deterioration, brake hose leakage, brake cylinder blockage and not returning, parking brake line is too tight, etc., all of which will lead to brake failure. No car. The reason is that the brake master cylinder is worn, the joint is leaking, the ABS pump is not working properly, and so on. If this happens, it is recommended to check and deal with the auto repair shop immediately. For too tight parking brake line, we need adjust parking brake cable.

So how can we prevent excessive wear of brake pads? For example, during a downhill period, reduce the speed of the vehicle in advance, use the appropriate gear, and use the engine brake and brake system to work. This can effectively reduce the burden on the brake system and greatly reduce the overheating of the brake system. Secondly, it is forbidden to turn off the engine during the downhill process, because most cars are basically equipped with a brake vacuum booster pump. When the engine is turned off, the brake booster pump is not only unable to provide assistance. It will also cause a lot of unnecessary resistance to the brake master cylinder. Resistance will double the braking distance. Finally, remember to buy a high-quality universal parking brake cable, which will extend the service life of the brake system.

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The braking position of the car is determined according to the specific situation. Because the brake is located in the center of the manual transmission. The brake is located on the left side of the automatic transmission. The main functions of automobile brakes are as follows. Used for deceleration and parking of vehicles. Stably park vehicles parked in various road conditions. Stabilize the speed of the downhill car. The method of using car brakes is as follows: step on a bumpy and complicated road to avoid damaging the speed of the car chassis. Second, release the brakes slightly, and then step on slowly before the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Third, step on the brakes and stop. At this time, when going downhill, use a low gear and use engine braking to avoid continuous braking. Finally, if you need to apply the brakes before entering the curve, drive at low speed to avoid losing the center of gravity and causing sideslip.

The above is the analysis that Huafeng introduced to you about why the car will not stop. Huafeng is a leading parking brake cable dealer in China’s industry. Our production includes mountain bike brake cable, car parking brake line and universal parking brake cable, etc. Various types of brake line products. The products are of high quality and full range, welcome to customize!

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