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When do you need to change the bicycle shift cable and brake cable?
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After riding the bicycle for a long time, it is inevitable that the brake and shifting feel will become worse. This is because the brake cable and shifting cable of the bicycle will inevitably be rusted, dirty, and even sand will run into the outer shell after the wind, sun and rain. Inside, it will increase the resistance when the inside line moves.

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Therefore, the regular replacement of the variable-speed wire can improve the smoothness of the wire when moving, reduce the friction and make the hand feel better. Especially if you choose a better inner cable, after a special surface treatment, the inner cable will be smoother, which can make the hand feel lighter and more precise when shifting or braking.

When do you need to change the transmission cable?

If the climate where you live is humid, the inner cable and the outer casing may be rusted over time regardless of whether they are used or not. In addition, during riding, the inner cable will also bring dirt into the outer casing when it is moved. , So that the smoothness is affected, the replacement of the wire will be recommended once a year.

Riders can also inspect the car by themselves, is there any rust on the wires of the whole car? Or at the fixed screw of the transmission or brake, is there any blooming or branching of the inner cable? Does the hand feel lagging when pressing the brake? Or the brake lever cannot spring back to its original position after being pressed? Bad speed? Or the shifting feel starts to get heavier?

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Another thing to remind is that since the handlebar strap will be removed when changing the shifting cable, it is recommended to do it together when you plan to change the handlebar strap, which will save money and save trouble.