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What should I do for daily maintenance of motorcycles?
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With the introduction of the new national standard, various motorcycle companies are reducing the production of carburetor models and increasing the production of EFI models, and more and more EFI motorcycles are on the market. Compared with carburetor motorcycles, electric vehicles are slightly milder.

The main feature of the EFI car and the carburettor model is that there are more electronic components, air flow meters (devices), pressure sensors, intake air temperature sensors, oxygen sensors and many other added electronic sensors, and so on. In other words. These are all sophisticated electronic control components, and motorycycle control cables price varies according to different models. Huafeng reminds you that regular maintenance is very important to your car. Correct maintenance can extend the life of the motorcycle.

First of all, for our car, we must do a good job of daily cleaning. In addition to daily scrubbing and maintenance of the appearance of the vehicle, the focus is on the cleanliness of the components that affect the condition of the engine. The cleanliness of the engine's intake system is very important to prevent abnormal cylinder wear caused by inhaled dust. Frequently check the air filter element and its surroundings for dust and impurities. If so, please remove the air cleaner element or blow it with compressed air, and replace it if necessary. Check whether the air inlet hose connection is reliable, whether the hose is damaged, leaking, or aging, and replace it if necessary.

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Secondly, always check whether the connection lines of each interface are connected properly, whether the motorcycle clutch cable is intact, and whether the motorycycle control cables are old and stained. Check whether the sensors are obviously damaged or damaged. If so, they should be replaced with new ones and cannot be repaired. Whether the connection with the ECU is firm and reliable, whether the wire is inserted in place, whether there is corrosion and oxidation, whether the wire is frayed, or short circuit or open circuit between wires, and abnormalities are found to be eliminated.

As long as the electric oil pump and fuel injector are working properly, they cannot be easily removed. However, it is necessary to check the reliability of the wire plug. If there is a malfunction, it is best not to do it yourself.

Finally, be careful not to violate regulations. Because the precision of the EFI motorcycle is determined by the various disassembly and assembly specifications during its maintenance, if we disassemble it at will, it will cause the motorcycle's power to decrease, and sometimes even cause fire and other dangerous situations. Therefore, the most The best way is to consult the motorcycle control cables supplier, or send it to the original factory for repair.

The above is the practical knowledge introduced by Huafeng on how to do the daily maintenance of motorcycles. Wuxi Huafeng Car & Motor Fittings Co.,ltd. is a well-known domestic motorycycle control cables supplier. Now we are committed to expanding our business overseas. The motorcycle control cables and motorcycle clutch cables we produce are of good quality, and motorycycle control cables price is favorable. It can replace the factory original control cable, and also supports packaging customization services, please contact us!

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