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The difference between motorcycle brake and car brake system
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The brake cable is a metal material and requires strict standard testing with an electronic tensile tester. Due to the performance characteristics of the brake cable, the breaking strength test is an important test. So, are Motorycycle control cables the same as car brake cable?

First, let us introduce the brake system of the car. The hand-controlled brake, that is, the parking brake is a cable type. It usually acts on the rear wheels and pulls the car brake cable from the cab to the rear axle under the chassis. This line is obviously different from the line and looks like a bicycle brake line.

The brake under the foot is also called the service brake. At present, all cars are completed with hydraulic oil, so there is only one oil circuit. The position of the oil circuit on the chassis is very concealed and safe. There are only a few oil pipes. Since the engine room is lined with oil pipes (usually about 5-6) and is easy to distinguish, the two brakes cannot be moved at will.

Automobile brake system is also called automobile brake system. The function of the braking system is to decelerate the vehicle or force a stop according to the driver's request. In various road conditions, whether it is a sloped road or a stable parking under a parking lot, or downhill driving can also stabilize the vehicle. Nowadays, various automakers use a large number of front and rear drum brake systems on small and medium vehicles, and some models use four-wheel disc brakes. Compared with drum brakes, disc brakes are superior in technology and quality. It is light in weight, has excellent heat dissipation performance, braking performance, and adaptability to complex weather and road conditions.

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Next, let’s talk about motorcycle brake systems. Motorcycle brake cables are used to adjust speed tools, such as yamaha brake cable. There are also many discussions on the Internet, introducing a lot of uses of brakes. In addition to parking, there are In fact, the easiest way to understand the brake cable and brake system is to use the brake as a tool to adjust the speed.

The front and rear brakes of a motorcycle are different, so when should we use the front brakes? When should the rear brake be used? In fact, most motorcycles have separate front and rear brakes, but in most cases, you can use the front and rear brakes at the same time when operating the brakes. However, proper force distribution between the front and rear brakes is more important than using the front and rear brakes. When operating the brakes, the front brake is the main mode and the rear brake is the auxiliary mode. In the past, most of the models were mainly brakes, such as motorcycle yamaha brake cable, but this can be seen from the design of the vehicle. If braking is the main focus of the future, industrial motorcycles will give priority to the previous braking system configuration.

Therefore, there are differences between the brake systems and brake cables used by motorcycles and automobiles. We have to choose the appropriate automobile and motorcycle components. The above is the knowledge that Huafeng introduced to you. We are a large brake cable manufacturer. We provide various types of brake cable wholesale business. The Motorycycle control cables, car brake cables, and yamaha brake cables we produce are of high quality and competitive prices. Welcome Shop!

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