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What should I do if the controller of an electric vehicle is broken?
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On today's roads, electric bicycles are particularly popular because they are easy to move and safe. People who often ride electric bicycles must encounter a problem at the venue. That is, the controller of an electric bicycle is particularly vulnerable to damage. Some friends’ electric bicycles often require replacement parking brake cable or emergency brake cable replacement. After three years of riding, even two controllers have been replaced. The cost of replacing the controller each time is high. So is there a way to maintain the controller of the electric bicycle? Huafeng shares with you below:

The location of the electric vehicle controller is different. We have to find a way to find the location of your own electric vehicle controller, and pay attention to keeping it ventilated and dry, so that it can dissipate heat well and extend its service life. Especially when encountering bumpy roads, often driving electric vehicles on such rugged roads, Motorycycle control cables will fall off or joints off, so if the road is not good, we'd better slow down or get off the car, so as to ensure the Motorycycle The control cables are intact.

Motorycycle control cables

Check the power management circuit and use a multimeter to measure whether the output voltage at each point is correct. If a problem occurs, find and replace the damaged component. If the voltage at each point is normal, search again to see if there is a problem with other parts.

When replacing the controller, if the repair shop tells you that there is no original controller that can be replaced, do not rush to replace the parking brake cable, but ask the professional technicians whether the Motorycycle control cables are disconnected and whether they can be connected again. After such careful confirmation. If you do this, you will save a lot of unnecessary expenses.

Check the interface with external functional components. Focus on finding the interface between the turning handle and the brake handle. Find the input pin on the handle of the main control chip, turn the handle to measure whether the voltage changes from low to high at this time (usually 1-4V). If there is no change, there is a problem with the digital input circuit. If it is normal, find the brake foot brake on the main control chip, measure whether the lead voltage is normal, and judge whether there is a problem with the brake input circuit.

The life of the electric vehicle controller is closely related to its use and maintenance. Do not let water seep into the electric car, do not step on the accelerator or push hard on steep slopes. You can add a little less throttle. This way you can significantly extend the service life of the controller. Also note that the controller controls the motor. Be careful when connecting the controller. Installation and wiring are not sloppy. We recommend that you do not use plug-in connectors on transmission cables. It is best to directly connect the transmission cable with insulating tape. Isolation packaging is a good choice because it can be dangerous if the switch connector gets wet, which can cause the car to jam or lose speed control.

There is also the power cord, the motor cord should be connected firmly, it is best to use solder to solder, so as to avoid damage due to poor contact! At the same time, avoid the line burnout or the adhesion of the motor line caused by the virtual connection and burn out the controller.  Huafengs is a large-scale Motorycycle control cables supplier in China. We produce high-quality and long-life Motorycycle control cables. In addition, if you have emergency brake cable replacement, replacement parking brake cable needs, you can also contact us!

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