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Principle of Motorcycle Clutch
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Huafeng cable is a clutch cable manufacturer. The Yamaha clutch cables it produces are exclusively manufactured and used in Yamaha XSR700 MT01 TRAC 2018. The motorcycle clutch is an intermediate mechanism that transmits the power of the engine to the transmission, and bears all the torque load of the power output of the engine. So, how does the clutch cable work and how does it work?

Motorcycles change speed ratios by shifting gears, and realize coordinated starting and acceleration and deceleration operations. In order to shift gears, the power from the engine to the drive train must be cut off. The function of the clutch is to cut off the power when shifting. Almost all motorcycles are equipped with a clutch grip on the left handlebar to realize the separation and engagement of the clutch.

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The new clutch cable uses oil to cool the clutch disc. The cooling oil not only protects the friction surface, but also smooths the power transmission. The oil-bath cooled clutch is called a "wet clutch", and the air-cooled clutch is called a "dry clutch". The wet clutch has a long service life, unless the semi-clutch state is frequently used and the operation rules are violated, it will generally not malfunction.

In addition to this main function, the clutch also has an unobtrusive function, that is, when the vehicle suddenly encounters a large impact, it can produce slip between the active friction plate and the passive friction plate, which can relieve the external force on the engine to a certain extent. The impact, which can have a certain protective effect on the engine.

Clutch Cable for Yamaha

To operate the clutch, the clutch cable needs to be filled, and Huafeng cable also provides customized clutch cable services.