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What should I do if the clutch cable fails when outdoors?
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What should I do if the clutch cable is disconnected while driving? Don't call a trailer, remember these two points, we can drive to the repair shop by ourselves. Nowadays, more and more car owners and friends are driving on the road. However, it is very common for cars to fail on the road, especially when the clutch cable breaks. The following Huafeng introduces some methods for you, if you encounter such unexpected problems, you can refer to them.

First, add the gear to third gear when the flame is turned off, and then re-ignite after confirming that there is enough full distance ahead. Use the power of the starter motor to forcibly light the car. At this time, the car will have a larger one. Jumping, do not step on the brakes. At this time, you must quickly cooperate with the accelerator to let the car run, and increase or decrease the gears according to the engine speed. The gear position is pushed up by one level. Similarly, when the vehicle speed is slow, directly advance to the lower gear directly (when downshifting, if the action is proficient, you can tap the empty oil at the moment of disengagement to let the transmission gear and the engine The gear ratio matches). However, it is best to use the third gear to drive the car away slowly. If you have to step on the brakes in an emergency, try not to slam on your foot. In that case, the vehicle will stall and restart again.

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If the car is in good condition, it needs to start from the first gear, but if the custom clutch cable is disconnected during driving, the car will stop in the middle of the road, and the fault will happen at very untimely time. Don't panic at this time. Let's put in the first gear and start the ignition. Then I can start the car again. Is this method unexpected? If we understand the principle of the car, it will be easy to understand. This is because when the starter drives the engine to start, the vehicle is also moving forward at this time, so the engine happens to be in first gear at this time. But this kind of operation especially tests the owner's technology. Just like we have some vehicles, we need to step on the clutch to ignite, so we can try to step on it. The main purpose of this method is to provide a sensor switch on the clutch pedal. As long as there is a signal to step on the clutch, the car can start normally.

Another way is to start from neutral. So, many car owners here also think how is this possible? In fact, starting from a neutral position is also a way. This technique is also particularly suitable if you have friends in the car or help from passers-by. First, we still have to do this. Start from neutral. At some point, after starting the engine, you need to ask a friend to push the car so that you can move forward according to the actual speed of the first and second gears. Therefore, if you start in neutral, you don't need any driving skills and understanding at all. The only requirement is that someone needs to push the car up. Suitable for situations not too far from the repair shop, it is also very convenient to replace clutch cable.

But be careful. What should I do if I encounter a traffic light halfway? In fact, the car can be started, but it is best not to stop the car to save trouble at this time. You still need to stop the car. The important thing is to return to gear 1 and start. Therefore, we'd better not stop parking all the way, because parking will be a little troublesome, but not parking is even more unsafe. It may result in profit greater than loss, and finally replace clutch cable at the repair point in time.

Even if the car is in poor condition and it is really impossible to drive alone, we still recommend using the trailer method, but the trailer must be firmly fixed. When driving, you need to pay attention to your speed. For safety, keep our right foot always in the braking position.

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