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Conduit (Straight Wire / Flat / Multilayer)

Inner Wire (Cutting-Birdcage / Burning-Birdcage / Simultaneous Birdcage)

End fitting of wire (Die casting--4&8 cavities,Swaged)

End fitting of conduit (Over Molding,Spin on, Push on, Swaged)

Conduit Print (Laser print,Hot stamp)

On-line testing (Pre-load,Length)

Assembly (Control handle,Connector)

Production Equipment
  • Conduit Making Machine
  • Lazer Printing Machine
  • Precision Cutting & Birdcage Machine
  • Overmolding Machine
  • Square Machine
  • Die-casting Machine
  • Ultrasonic Welding Machine
  • Assembly Line
  • Conduit Making Machine
  • Automatic Conduit Cutting & Cham-ferring Machine
  • Automatic Steel Wire Cutting & Bird Caging Machine
  • Automatic Steel Wire Bird Caging Machine